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Kuliah Perilaku Konsumen IKK233 (Consumer Behavior Class)
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Prof Dr Ir UJANG  SUMARWAN, MSc (, www.,
Dr. Ir. Lilik Noor Yuliati, MFSA
Dr. Ir. Megawati simanjuntak, MS
Ir. Retnaningsih, MS
Ir. Md djamaluddin, MSc

Kuliah pertama Rabu, 22 Februari 2017
Jam 13.00

Consumen Needs
Human will searching every way to fuel their needs. This needs appear because uncomfortable in their life. There is some motivation to remove this uncomfortable. In this part, human is consumen. Consumen absolutely give some precious first about the product or service that compatible their needs that must be completed so that can produce some satisfied from consumen and some prices for producen or distributor. In the eye of producen, the object is consumen.
Malow teory said, there are five level of human needs. From the lower until the higher :
 Physiological Needs.this is the first or the lower needs, there are foods, water, air, house, clothes, and sex.
Safety Neds. Is some physics needs that can produce a onfortable and safely to consumen.
Social needs. Like some relationship between family, friend, bestfriend is the basis of human habit by the socialism. That every consumen is the human that absolutely need some communication to each other so there will produce loving, respect, and help each other.
Egoistic needs. This needs can reached by increasing their quality and they can reach status that they want.
Need for self-actualization. This higher needs show the human needed to reach the successful that can show the difference with other people.

How to complete the consumen needed? Maslow said “Human try to complete their needed from lower before they reach the higher.”  Therefore, the producen or seller must know their consumen level that they got. Than, search the consumen taste about the product or the service that consumen want. This serving must be reched by do with exact, quality, and ikhlas. This serving must be reached by do the bussiness ethic, that is be honest, amanah, kindness, and remember akhirat. So the consumen accept the best serving and the maximal satisfied with ridho from Allah SWT.